Empty Nest & Your Changing Family…

For some women – and men – the changes in the family after 50 are many, beginning with empty nest. Empty nest may be a part of your life after fifty, the progression of a changing family dynamic. For some, these adjustments to your family life can be a nearly paralyzing experience but is, thankfully, usually short-lived.

One by one children grow up, go to college or work, marry and move away. The long-awaited freedom you thought would bring fun after fifty has arrived, and it can create a surprisingly deafening silence in your life, forcing you to switch gears and change focus. Perhaps you’re looking at the person next to you and considering what it may be like spending some time one-on-one with them again like you did so many years ago. You may even be experiencing the anxiety of women’s midlife crisis.

11 Valuable Benefits to Being An Airbnb Host

(If you're interested in becoming a host after you read this post, visit my referral link to get started!) How Does Airbnb Work For Hosts? With no background in hospitality, and no real expectations, we started hosting Airbnb guests 3 years ago. We found 11 valuable benefits to being an Airbnb host. 1. Earn Money

Simple Signs of the Season: Eggnog & Gratitude

Today was the first of the simple signs of the season that make this month my favorite. Thanksgiving is my absolute best day of the year. Our family is very nuclear… It is just myself, my husband our kids and grandkids. Together, a total of about nine people who very much enjoy being together. We

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Long Distance Grandparents: Creating Traditions With Grandchildren!

Bonding Through Traditions with Grandchildren If you're a long distance grandparent who spends time with their grandkids a couple of times a year, there is no ideal solution to maintaining a close relationship. When grandparents start creating traditions with grandchildren who live far away, they share a uniquely common bond. Of course staying in touch