5 Essential Fall and Winter Wardrobe Pieces For Mature Women (2020)

Basic Wardrobe Pieces for Women Over 50 The time has come for summer to put its bright, cheery atmosphere on hold and give way to the crisp, gusty winds that can only signal the beginning of fall. With these five essential fall and winter wardrobe pieces, you can enjoy the intoxicating allure of this season

Workout Clothes for Older Women

What's the best exercise wear for women over 50? From neon tights, spandex, and leg warmers to the growing popularity of athlesiure wear, exercise apparel has always been a style staple all on its own. Actually, for older women, the right workout clothes can be important. Studies have shown that what you wear can significantly

Bras For Older Women

Find The Best Bra For Your Breast Friends! We all know how a good bra definitely makes a difference— no tightness, wiring, or pain bothering you. The ideal bras for older women are those where your breasts sit perfectly in those cups; one that’s breathable and flexible, fully supporting your breasts as you go about

Skin Care For Aging Sensitive Skin

Caring For Mature Sensitive Skin It's the sad truth. As we age, our complexion changes. Finding the right skin care for aging, sensitive skin, products for cleansing and moisturizing for an aging complexion that is ultra sensitive is an ongoing challenge. It seems that once menopause hits, every skin cell in our bodies start

9 Common Eyebrow Mistakes Older Women Make

Aging & Eyebrows: What's A Girl To Do? When it comes to aging and eyebrows, older women often don't realize the correlation between eyebrow care and a youthful appearance. Most common eyebrow mistakes older women make are simple ones that are easy to overlook, but that can make you look older than you are. We

Best Blush For Older Women: Cream Or Powder?

What's The Best Blush for Mature Skin? We all know that as we age our skin undergoes a lot of changes. It begins to become more dry, loses its natural glow, produces less collagen which results in less elasticity and sagging. Our makeup regimen changes also. How to know what is the best blush for

Magnetic Lashes For Women Over Fifty

How to Choose Natural Looking Magnetic Eyelashes Why Magnetic Lashes for Women Over Fifty? There will always be new trends in the beauty community, but it is true that trends fade. Magnetic lashes for women over fifty, on the other hand, are most likely here to stay! (Interestingly, the top beauty-related search for 2018 was

Eyelash Curlers For Women Over 50

Eyelash Curlers for Older Women: How To Choose? Eyelash curling has been a beauty staple for many decades! In their simplest form, eyelash curlers are a hand-held crimping tool with a rubber strip that you use to surround your upper eyelashes and squeeze until they curl. Sure, with the earlier eyelash curlers or crimpers, sometimes you might have

Anti-aging Makeup Tips: Best Mascara For Older Women

Best Mascara For Women Over 50 - 60 Note: This post has been updated in February 2020 Endless brands of mascara claim to be smudge-proof, water-proof, run or streak-free. I think I have probably tried most of them over the years. As a contact lens wearer, I can tend to rub my eyes a bit

Are Your Knees Giving Away Your Age?

Knees, ankles and elbows are areas on our bodies that can be neglected when it comes to wrinkles, also referred to as "ninkles". (The old expression "the bees knees" is meant to be a positive reinforcement - a compliment meaning something really great or special. But the fact is, bees legs are uber hairy, so

Fashion Powerhouse Lois Joy Johnson: Q & A On Dressing After 50

~by Pam Sissons Style & Fashion Tips For Women 50+ A fashion powerhouse, AARP editor and an expert on dressing after 50...meet Lois Joy Johnson! Formerly Ladies' Home Journal beauty and fashion editor, founding editor of More magazine and currently AARP beauty and fashion expert, Lois Joy Johnson has long been recognized as the go-to

Julie Lopez Shoes

Pam Sissons | Fifty Is The New Forty Recently we turned to Julie Lopez for guidance as the go-to designer for beautiful, fashionable and comfortable shoes! Julie's shoes are the gold standard for anyone who struggles to find shoes for the workplace, for a night out, or dressy/casual styles for the rest of your life!