Roasted Winter Vegetables Recipe

In the Upstate NY North Country where I live, the growing season is short but sweet! For those who have the gift of the green thumb, having fresh fruits and vegetables during summer and fall is a priceless gift of health. So, when winter rolls around, what's in season? Root vegetables are at their peak [...]

Feed Eggshells To Chickens?

So, as a fairly new chicken owner, I continue to learn more about my girls. Recently, since I have noticed that one of my chickens isn't laying, I've been exploring some reasons why, and learned that it's a good thing to feed eggshells to chickens. Who knew? The calcium chickens need is actually pretty extensive [...]

Delicious Summer Salad All Year Long!

If Labor Day has you thinking about what comes next (in Upstate NY that would be winter), try this great recipe that lets you enjoy the taste of a fresh summer salad all year long! One of the saddest things for me about the end of summer is the waning availability of fresh salad and [...]