Heidenheim an der Brenz Restaurant: Pizzeria Palazzio

We have been in Heidenheim an der Brenz since Sunday. This little Bavarian city is nestled in a valley beneath the shadow of Schloss Helenstein, a castle originally dating back several centuries. Heidenheim is a mix of old and new; a number of thriving anchor industries are firmly rooted here. Voith (an industrial company specializing

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The Perfect Family Event: Adirondack Balloon Festival

There are some times with family that are just perfect. The Adirondack Balloon Festival is one of those...an annual event in Glens Falls NY that is a spectacular gateway to the most beautiful time of year in Upstate NY. The first time I ever attended the festival, my two children were very small. We arrived

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Not Just Thinking Outside The Box – Getting Outside Of The Box!

Recently I had some big changes in my life, leaving a very busy and unique position at a local internet marketing agency to start my own small business. I had so many ideas pinging around in my head and was so unsure when I left what my direction would be, that I turned to a

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