Long Hair for Older Women? What’s to Debate?

A shout out to Joanna Douglas, writer for Yahoo Shine on her recent article: “Who Says Middle Aged Women Can’t Have Long Hair?” Soo, so true!

Every single time I hear this debate going on, (or should I say non-debate – come on people!) I think back on women I have known in my life who had long hair well past middle age. There was actually three of them. It’s funny when I think about it, because these were women who were stereotypical – the prim and proper ‘Marion Librarian’ sort who made you wonder what went on behind closed doors! Amazingly, two of the women I knew were librarians, and the third was a teacher and a musician. All three of these women wore their hair back in the old-fashioned sort of upsweep…completely traditonal and casually elegant, yet inherently practical. Absolutely fantastic.

There are plenty of long hair tips for women over 50, but I say if you want long hair, go for it.