Our Upstate NY Homestead

We rarely do things the way most people do them, and that includes our living environment. When our last child graduated from college, we didn’t downsize, we moved to an 11-acre barn home with a huge yard, a couple of man-made water features, active bat houses and critters galore. Lots of work, but something we were excited to take on. Instant suburban homestead…on our terms.

A few years later we are raising chickens, landscaping as we can, and enjoying the satisfaction that only comes from coming in after working in the yard all day dog tired and filthy. Dreams come in all shapes and sizes!

  1. Spring on the Homestead: Let the Work Begin!

  2. There’s More Than One Way to Whack a Mole!

  3. Spring Snowstorm

  4. Annual Chicken Coop Pilgrimage

  5. How to Feed Eggshells to Chickens