As you know, as our post-50 fashion journey progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to find clothes that look great, feel perfect, fit perfectly and are affordable!Post 50 fashion video for Covered Perfectly

Pauline Durbin is the owner of a company called Covered Perfectly. Pauline reached out to us a while ago and offered to share her product with us so that we could check it out. She felt that once we tried it, we would love it so much we would want to share it with you in our fashion section. She was right.

Pauline has created a line of shirts for women over 40 designed with the midlife figure in mind. The shirts are made with MicroModal® and a hint of Spandex. MicroModal® is a natural fabric created from European beechwood and produced in Austria. The fabric in these shirts is – in a word – sumptuous! When you open the package and feel this fabric for the first time, it’s incredible. A welcome addition to anyone trying to grow a wardrobe with some shirts that suit their fashion over 50. We checked out two of Pauline’s pieces:

“Simple Comfort”

Affordable over 50 shirts

This shirt feels like butter when you put it on. It is incredibly soft, and drapes beautifully in a natural way. The shirt has ¾ length sleeves, a scoop neckline, and the length falls right around the hip. The softness and the draping of the fabric combine to complement any accessory like a scarf, a chunky necklace or shimmering strings of beads. Available in a beautiful soft blue (see the picture), and soft beige, black, and a very luscious brown. Perfect for work or around the house, it can be easily dressed up for an elegant affair or awesome paired with your favorite jeans.

At a price point of $39.95, this shirt is worth owning in every single color. Seriously. (Receive 20% off your first purchase: Use new-40 promo at checkout!)

“Gathered Front”

over-50 fashion from Covered Perfectly

This shirt has more of an elegant or sophisticated style, but the fabric is exactly the same. By nature of the way this piece is put together, it has a more weighty feel to it…it feels really luscious on. This shirt feels well made, the shoulders are comfortable, the sleeves are just the right length, and there is a nice band around the bottom so you can adjust it easily and it stays put. This is a perfect work-to-evening piece that will continue to look good straight from morning till evening. This is one of those shirts that just feels right, and the gathered look is very flattering. This one is available in black, a silver gray color, the soft blue and a rich malt brown (the one I got and it’s beautiful).

This one goes for just $49.95, but looks and feels like it costs much more. (Receive 20% off your first purchase: Use new-40 promo at checkout!)

There are a few other important reasons to feel great about shopping with Covered Perfectly:

  • Shirts are machine washable
  • Made in the USA – a big plus in my book!
  • They offer free shipping and returns
  • They have an uber-cool Rewards Program!
  • They even have an online chat if you have questions!

The best products are those that result from a desire to solve a problem and fill a need, which she has definitely done! This is not only a great product, but a woman-owned business done right. Give ’em a shout out, and tell Pauline you saw them on when you place your order!