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Keeping Fiber In Our Diets As We Age – Fresh Muffins To Your Door!FiberScrumptious - keeping fiber in our diets as we age

Having adequate fiber in our diets as we age is key to good health. Recently we tried a product from a new company called FiberScrumptious where owner Ashley Peng creates high-fiber, low calorie muffins designed to be delivered right to your door. Many women in menopause experience IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), a condition that Peng herself struggled with, and why she eventually created these healthful muffins to add flavor and fiber to her diet.

FiberScrumptious muffins are packed with healthy and natural ingredients. These truly are very high in fiber, containing 60% of your daily fiber requirement at just 120 calories for the whole package. The mini-muffins were delivered FedEx to my door carefully packaged and in perfect condition – one box of Banana Chocolate Chip, and one box of Lemon White Chocolate Chip, each containing 4 muffins. Both flavors were surprisingly light – not what you might expect in a high-fiber breakfast product. The Banana Chocolate Chip muffins offered up a light banana flavor with just enough chocolate chips! The lemon muffins were rather delectable, with a sweetly tart lemon essence flavor that was a lovely surprise. The portion size is a perfect single serving, and the packaging makes it easy to freeze them, and just grab one on your way out the door in the morning. The ingredients list is lengthy but impressive – there wasn’t a single item on there that a) I didn’t recognize or b) couldn’t pronounce! All natural and organic ingredients.

The price point may be a bit high at $3.50 per box plus shipping (order a bunch at once and freeze!), but if you’re looking for a seriously healthy, natural alternative to your breakfast menu, you may want to give these a go. Add in the fact that they are made fresh and delivered just one day a week via FedEx, they become a viable option to “beef up your fiber”! Since a balanced diet for women 50 and beyond should include at least 21 grams of fiber per day , these are a great way to guarantee a good start!

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