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Skin Care For Aging Sensitive Skin

Caring For Mature Sensitive Skin It's the sad truth. As we age, our complexion changes. Finding the right skin care for aging, sensitive skin, products for cleansing and moisturizing for an aging complexion that is ultra sensitive is an ongoing challenge. It seems that once menopause hits, every skin

Best Corn Muffin Recipe (Sunday Morning Treat!)

Easy Homemade Cornbread Sticks There is nothing that goes with a chilly Autumn Sunday morning than homemade corn muffins. This is the best corn muffin recipe that I've come up with. They are super simple to make, hearty, and smell amazing! Leftovers are the perfect complement to your favorite chili

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Life After Empty Nest

10 Simple Tips for Coping With Empty Nest! Is there life after empty nest? Yes! For any baby boomer women, empty nest can represent a sea change in life when kids leave home for college, the military, or just to go on with their lives...a feeling of loss and uselessness

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Eyebrows And Older Women: 9 Common Eyebrow Mistakes That Are Aging You

How Eyebrows Can Age Older Women When it comes to eyebrows, older women often don't realize the correlation between eyebrow care and a youthful appearance...it's easy to overlook. We have pinpointed 9 common eyebrow mistakes that may be aging you; paying attention to these can definitely freshen up and

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Morning Glory Muffins

Yummy, healthy, and easy to freeze! Hearty Morning Glory Muffins Made with whole wheat flour, healthy ingredients, and smell like Heaven in the oven! Amount of servings may vary depending upon how big you like your muffins. 1/2 Cup raisins or chopped dried figs2 Cups whole wheat flour1 Cup packed

Best Blush For Older Women: Cream Or Powder?

What's The Best Blush for Mature Skin? We all know that as we age our skin undergoes a lot of changes. It begins to become more dry, loses its natural glow, produces less collagen which results in less elasticity and sagging. Our makeup regimen changes also. How to know what

Magnetic Lashes For Women Over Fifty

How to Choose Natural Looking Magnetic Eyelashes Why Magnetic Lashes for Women Over Fifty? There will always be new trends in the beauty community, but it is true that trends fade. Magnetic lashes for women over fifty, on the other hand, are most likely here to stay! (Interestingly, the top

Hobart NY: Trip Notes From a NY State Book Village

A Mid-Winter Visit To Hobart Book Village It was only recently I learned that there is an actual NY state book village. Hobart NY is a tiny town in Delaware County, nestled in a rural agricultural region where small farms, mom and pop stores and local diners are the fabric

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