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Observing the World Around Me

It seems the older I get the more connected I become with the natural world around me. Even as a child I was happiest outdoors: in the water, up a tree, on a boat, or hiking. Our property is 11 acres of yard, ponds, woods, streams, located in the middle of a rather suburban area. The previous owners never used any types of chemicals or pesticides. We have followed their lead and maintained that approach, learning to only support nature in finding its course. Our restraint has been rewarded with the opportunity to observe and be part of the daily cycle of so much life and activity. You name it we have it…deer, rabbits, coyotes, fox, groundhogs, turkey’s, frogs, bats, too many things to mention.

This year I have been particularly appreciative of our yard and gardens. Our little haven has been a welcome refuge from so much chaos going on all around us. Every morning or evening stroll reveals something new.

It took my breath away one morning when I was just working in the gardens. In just 10 minutes in the garden, it’s amazing what I observed…

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