Ode To The Realistic Chronomatic 223Awesome 1900's technology

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What was so great about cutting edge 1980’s technology? The Realistic Chronomatic clock radio was released in 1981, when my husband bought it brand new and shiny off the shelf. The latest in AM/FM technology, it was designed with buttons on the top, buttons and knobs on the front, toggles for the alarm and other slick features. For over thirty years this chunky little box has been our constant companion and trusted to maintain the rhythm of our lives.

This clock radio has seen six homes, three kids, 5 dogs and two cats. It awakened us for school every morning, early morning hockey games, business trips, middle-of-the-night Christmas wrapping marathons and every morning event we ever had. It has been covered with sheetrock dust, unceremoniously packed and moved, dropped, drenched, and always maintained what is now so slickly referred to as “top of mind awareness”. It has awakened us to the sounds of raucous rock and roll, Christmas carols, and most often the mellow, mellifluous tones of those public radio announcers. If it didn’t go off, it was because we didn’t set it, not because it didn’t work.

Long before the iPhone was even thought of, and well before it started taking over multiple roles in our house, the Realistic was a marvel of modern technology and our critical connection to – well – life. It performed its duties flawlessly and without reserve.

As the time for all things great and small waxes and wanes, so goes the Realistic Chronomatic 223 AM-FM Stereo. Retired. With respect, good memories and appreciation for all it’s hard work! (Sniff….)

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