“Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose…” & Other Cool Seventies Phrases

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Unearthing those baby boomer phrases is so much fun! Being sort of at the end of the baby boomer group (I flatter myself, no?), sometimes I forget that the phrases of the 1970’s aren’t more current than they are. Well, I tell myself, they’re not as old as “groovy” or “far out”, or as passe’ as the 1980’s “tubular”, or “rad”, for instance. The 70’s phrases have weight…they’re classic, right? Alas, it’s true…they are definitely not as commonly understood by my young peers as I might think. Although they should be…they were definitely the coolest.

But wait – doesn’t everybody know where “Good night, John Boy…” came from? or “Up your nose with a rubber hose?” “Meathead?” The next time you find yourself in a social setting with a younger crowd, try it. Just for fun. See what happens.

Ok, so I want to be the cool boomer. I want to be the one who knows all the baby boomer phrases but no one can really tell which ones are from my era.

How am I doin’, ‘pard?

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