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Knees, ankles and elbows are areas on our bodies that can be neglected when it comes to wrinkles, also referred to as “ninkles”. (The old expression “the bees knees” is meant to be a positive reinforcement – a compliment meaning something really great or special. But the fact is, bees legs are uber hairy, so we’ll just let that one go!)

Our joints get a real workout over time, and that workout extends to the skin around those regions. Our knees, elbows, even fingers are constantly flexing and moving, creating what can become sagging or wrinkly skin as we lose collagen, muscle mass and succumb to the effects of the dreaded GRAVITY. Even stunning actresses like Nicole Kidman and Sharon Stone struggle to keep these areas of their bodies from giving away their age. Demi Moore went so far as to have knee liposuction surgery!

Exercise can help reduce the look of aging, but not always to the degree or as quickly as we prefer. The quickest and most effective way is to treat those areas just like you the sensitive skin around your eyes, your face, or your neck, only a little more aggressively. Some ways to avoid old knees? In pretty much the same way we take care of aging feet:

Particularly if you have an event coming up where you will be baring your knees, you can do like you would for your hands and sleep with some soft leggings or even a cotton wrap around them.

So…addressing the signs of aging includes your knees, but don’t get all caught up in it. We can choose to let nature take its course, “treat the symptoms” in a non-invasive way, or go as far as surgical intervention. Just gotta ask yourself how important is it, really?

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