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Baby Boomer Women Go Gray & Love It!

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For many women in midlife, it’s totally tempting – the thought of going gray inGoing gray in midlife: Helen Mirren midlife may cross your mind every time you shell out money to get your roots touched up, or have to make time out of your busy schedule to do it yourself. You may just be experiencing that level of appealing self-confidence women in midlife exude. Whatever the reason, deciding to go gray – or not – is a personal decision as unique as you are!

Going natural with our hair color as we age has taken on new life of late. Baby boomer women are going gray for any number of reasons:

Save Money: Although this may seem like a rather lame reason to give up something you’ve embraced for years, the fact is it’s true. A snazzy haircut is far less expensive than a cut and color no mater where you get your hair done! That nagging sense of guilt that you have after leaving the hairdresser and relieving yourself of that hard-earned ….

Save Time: women in their 40’s and 50’s are busy….with kids and jobs perhaps, or maybe your kids are grown and you are taking this time for yourself to really reach for your career goals. Today’s women in their 60’s and beyond aren’t sitting home waiting for life to happen either – they’re out there, many of them still working! Admittedly, it can be a pain to have to give up your free time to get your hair done.

Natural: Chemical-free is always good! As midlife approaches, a lot of women want to jettison the number of chemicals they use throughout their daily lives and replace with natural, organic products or lifestyle.

Trendy: You’ have heard it: “Gray Is The New Black”. Quite simply, gray is in. Cool. Fashionable. Smart. A ‘la Helen Mirren!

Fun: Let’s face it – your hair color isn’t permanent if you don’t want it to be! Going gray can represent a whole new direction for you, and can feel adventurous and sort of like risk-taking without the risk!

Whatever your thoughts about going gray in midlife, it’s a trend not likely to go away any time soon!

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