Author Tracey Jackson On Turning 50: Reality Check!

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Book Review - Between A Rock And A Hot Place relationships, and the accompanying fear of the future. Few of those eliminate the corners where we like to hide from the facts like this one does.

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In her new book, “Between A Rock and A Hot Place”, Tracey Jackson touches on all of these with a fresh balance of facts, reflection, and moments hilarious. Jackson touches on making decisions that require difficult (or not) choices, i.e., hormone replacement therapy versus insomnia or chronic irritable bowel syndrome. On choosing to have the grace to see the humor in the inevitable changes that occur, and using that humor to help us absorb, adjust to and move on past them.

Tracey Jackson is quite qualified to share her experience – thanks to a dawning awareness that she was suddenly viewed as maybe just a teensy bit on the other side of marketable in her industry. Painful? Yes. A springboard for growth? For this woman, absolutely!

From career adjustments, to how we see ourselves and what it takes to get to the “it’s ok to be 50” place, Ms. Jackson puts it right out there with none of the genteel veiling of the facts many authors opt for. Jackson fearlessly plows through what could be considered the “top-10 tick list” of mid-life fears. You could argue that her list isn’t necessarily our list, but…yeah, it is. As proven by her chapter titled, “Ready Or Not, Here Death Comes”.

For women approaching that milestone birthday or struggling with the onset of “the big M”, Ms. Jackson offers a great read…an honest and straightforward dissection of this very complex time in a woman’s life.

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