Hobart NY: Trip Notes From a NY State Book Village

A Mid-Winter Visit To Hobart Book Village It was only recently I learned that there is an actual NY state book village. Hobart NY is a tiny town in Delaware County, nestled in a rural agricultural region where small farms, mom and pop stores and local diners are the fabric of the community and surrounding

11 Valuable Benefits to Being An Airbnb Host

(If you're interested in becoming a host after you read this post, visit my referral link to get started!) How Does Airbnb Work For Hosts? With no background in hospitality, and no real expectations, we started hosting Airbnb guests 3 years ago. We found 11 valuable benefits to being an Airbnb host. 1. Earn Money

Q & A With Artist & Choreographer Paula Josa-Jones

As an artist, Paula Josa-Jones is a master of many creative forms...writer, dancer, teacher, coach, director and equestrian, and an amazing woman who shared some of her journey through midlife with Fifty Is The New Forty. The unique performance art of horse dancing is at the core of her creativity... integrating equition and dance into

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Funny Ladies of 50: Post Fifty Female Comedians

Older Female Comedians There are some really funny older female comedians, writers and comedic actresses out there right now. Unlike their trailblazing and priceless "foremothers", Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller, these post fifty female comedians don't necessarily require props like red wigs, curlers or cigarette holders. Why are these ladies so funny at 50, 60,