Clothes for Mature Women – and Mature Figures!

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Classic fashions by J Jill

As we reach that time in life when we start to realize that even though our weight may be close to what it’s always been, the way our clothes fit just isn’t the same. Things have, well..shifted, frankly. It’s enough to drive you crazy when you’re dress shopping. After 50, you can still find beautifully fitting outfits, it just takes a bit of an adjustment in how you shop…some cool, some not so cool! Some tips for learning to shop for clothes with your new midlife body:

Start with classic and quality. Even if you’ve never been one for high-priced or coutre clothing, the truth is that the better qualilty clothing you buy, the better it fits. For mature women, clothing with classic lines can make all the difference. Designers like Kay Unger create clothing that is beautiful, colorful and fits like a glove. Do you pay more? Yes…but you can also keep an eye out for sales and items available in your favorite upscale consignment shop. And remember – this type of clothing will remain in style for a long time.

It is what it is. Confidence that we are comfortable in our own skin is one of the most attractive things we can wear! Being a fashionable fifty-something is more than just what we wear – it’s how we wear it! And make no mistake about it…there are some kick-ass clothes for mature figures, but attitude is everything!


Rely on those who know! If you’re one of those women who like a second opinion when they shop, nothing can replace shopping in a dress shop or boutique where they know how to help you evaluate what works and what doesn’t. Savvy and experienced shopkeepers like Natalie Sillery at The Saratoga Trunk in Saratoga Springs NY (tell them Fifty Is The New Forty sent ‘ya!) provide an invaluable service. They have a lot invested in the way you look…they will be honest and helpful in helping you find the look that is most flattering for you.

Shopping for clothes as we age is an interesting task. You may need to be prepared to spend a bit more, but it’s definitely worth it! Actually, there are a lot of women who develop a figu

re during midlife that they never had during their early years…in a good way! Be sure to browse our section on Fashion and Beauty Tips for Women Over 50!

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