Alas, it seems, eBay has lost it’s Mojo.

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When eBay first came on the scene, it was a total blast. Seriously…you could go on there and find anything and everything at a bargain (mostly), and it was fun! How many times did I hover around my computer waiting to make that last-minute bid on something I just had to have? Now it seems it’s gone the way of Amazon. The truth is that eBay is no fun anymore…too many online stores, too much marketing, too little excitement, and far too few ‘finds’.

That seems to be the biggest missing link…the thrill is gone, as they say. Not to mention, there goes my retirement…the entire landscape of my financial future has changed. Aaargh! My visions of puttering around in yard sales, bringing home my discoveries covered with dust and the evidence of time, lovingly cleaning them up and happily “putting them up”, as they say… Hm. Well, waiting for the next best thing. Anybody have any ideas?

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