The Whole Family Feels Empty Nest – Even The Pets!

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Pets and empty nestPets and empty nest? Yep…empty nest isn’t just for moms – the whole family can be affected. Even pets can be sad when a family member leaves for college! If you have a high school senior, it’s only a matter of months before they graduate, and many of them are mentally moved out already by now!

For this Mom, it varied from year to year. Initially – college freshman year – it was a process to cope – it started like a persistent case of asthma that waxes and wanes, only to appear again to leave you breathless. Sophomore year it was better – “Is it time for him to go back yet?” Junior year it started again with a semester in Spain – alone in a foreign country – without your MOTHER? Really? Of course it ended with a glorious, life-changing experience traveling through many countries, meeting many people, and he didn’t even lose his passport, wallet, or luggage once. Hummph.

But when it comes to pets, empty nest is like a fresh heartbreak. They miss their “brothers” or “sisters” when they go back to school. But – just as with people – absence makes the heart grow fonder! It’s fun to do a video chat with the kid and the pet – weird, but fun.

Conversely, if you don’t have a pet, getting one can actually help relieve the symptoms of empty nest syndrome! A pet can definitely help you through that time, particularly if you’re the only one left at home. Something to think about!

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