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For baby boomer women, encore career opportunities are numerous and as unique as you are! No matter what your career or work history, if you want to keep your hand in either as employee or volunteer, you can start looking just about anywhere!

With the constant influx of new internet tools, techniques and processes, you can explore multiple avenues for an encore career making work-at-home money.

Think about your career, regardless of what your specific job was, whether you retired or lost your job with the economic downturn. During your working life, you’ve been a consultant, manager, planner, teacher and an administrator. You’ve used the current technology for your business or job and adapted to rapid changes that made improvements to your employer’s business plans and bottom line.

Mentoring has become a great business for new retirees realizing they need to make some income in order to have a comfortable retirement. Retired Baby Boomers can provide much-needed expertise to companies, both online and offline, from their years of employment in businesses and industries of all types.

  • The fact is, when businesses hire young employees and put them on the fast track, they know that those younger, less expensive hires do not have the experience that you have. They may have boundless energy, but many are short on experience, patience, listening skills and networking in their area of expertise – even in this age of social media immersion. As you approach retirement, or after retirement, consider contacting your company and offering your services as a mentor to their younger employees. Not only will your experience improve the quality of the younger employees’ knowledge, your mentoring will ease your transition into retirement.

Another outlet for your knowledge and experience is on the Internet. There are several ways you can create a home business and make your mentoring skills available to marketers and entrepreneurs worldwide right from your home.

  • Create ebooks or short, specific reports or white papers with explanations and guidelines for any technical skills you possess and sell them on your own website. Those skills can be anything from writing technical papers, organizing delivery schedules, creating parts lists for manufacturing companies, marketing new products, to anything else you know how to do.
  • Another online opportunity is to publish a blog and offer advice and guidance to your subscribers. There is a giant interest in common marketing topics when newcomers to online businesses need to generate traffic to their sales pages or increase conversion rates. The same principles that support offline marketing techniques are the same techniques needed by online marketers. As a seasoned professional, you have the experience to understand that the major difference between offline and online marketing procedures is primarily the media techniques used to carry the marketers message to the customer.

You might have to offer a special short report or some other product your subscribers might want in order to get their email address and permission to market to them (opt-in). Periodically you can offer products for sale, like step-by-step e-courses or any other how-to information. Check out other blogs focused on topics similar to yours for examples of what to do or what not to do.

  • You can also create your own mentoring services composed of other retired, professional seniors or Baby Boomers. You and your group of professional mentors can provide services to businesses, using email, phone calls or VOIP methods (Skype), webinars or physical, offline training sessions in various cities from time to time.

With a little creative thinking, you can work for local businesses or from your home. Your impact could be quite dramatic and lucrative once you get established. You’ve spent decades learning what you know. Market what you know and live the life you always wanted to live…the midlife transition can be a thing of beauty!

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