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Encore careers for baby boomers have become a buzz phrase, but what is an encore career, anyway?

Wikipedia describes it this way:

“An encore career is work in the second half of life that combines continued income, greater personal meaning, and social impact.”

Although that may be the original intended meaning, an encore career is different for everyone. For the average baby boomer, starting a new business tends to be more practical than pie-in-the-sky Second careers for baby boomers often begin from necessity…the loss of a job, dissolution of a marriage, the need for more income as the reality of retirement looms near. A CNBC article on encore careers shows an upward trend in the numbers of older workers pursuing not just jobs, but full career paths in business or consulting.

Yes, baby boomers are givers for sure, but many boomers have the experience to subscribe to the “necessity is the mother of invention” approach, making lemonade from lemons by combining need with desire. Starting a new career or business takes energy and effort, knowledge and commitment, something boomers tend to have in abundance. Midlife entrepreneurs often make up for the physical demands of a new career with a laser-like focus on client needs, product research and development as well as sharing ideas, skills and experience with others.

In my household, the decision was initially made for us when my husband’s position was eliminated. After decades in the same industry, he was faced with some decisions. With the last child in his senior year in college, the time seemed right for a career change – for both of us! Exciting and scary, but freeing in a way that can’t be described. For me, starting a new career means I can help baby boomers like myself get their business off the ground with strong internet marketing strategies, meet new people from around the world and work toward making a living doing something I love.

So…fear not, baby boomers! Do your research, marshal your energy and forces, and go to it! I’d love to hear from you as you progress!

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