Eyelash curlers for women over 50

Eyelash Curlers for Older Women: How To Choose?

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Eyelash curling has been a beauty staple for many decades! In their simplest form, eyelash curlers are a hand-held crimping tool with a rubber strip that you use to surround your upper eyelashes and squeeze until they curl. Sure, with the earlier eyelash curlers or crimpers, sometimes you might have pulled out a few eyelashes by accident, or gotten your lashes stuck in some old mascara, but this new look was worth it! Today, eyelash curlers for women over 50 are easy to use, affordable, and effective.

Eyelash curlers have become another cog in the complex wheel of personal beauty products! The first eyelash curler on the market was Kurlash in 1923. It was cumbersome, but still held a hefty $5 price point! Amazingly, it looked very much like those you can buy for less at any drugstore today!

Learning how to curl eyelashes is pretty simple, as any teenager can tell you! The hardest part is finding the eyelash curler that works best for you!

Eyelash Curlers: Electric & Heated Eyelash Curlers & Crimpers

Today’s choices for eyelash curlers are lengthy…find manual, electric, heated eyelash curlers and in every style and price range. When it comes to something as important as curling your eyelashes, make the right choice! There are hundreds of types, styles and brands of eyelash crimpers available. With so many choices on the market, how do you know which is best for you?

Let the browsing begin! There are a host of brands, styles and prices for eyelash curlers!Here’s just a few tips to get you started:

Manual Eyelash Curlers: These are the eyelash crimpers we’re all most familiar with…simple and easy to use. Prices vary from about $20 or so for the popular Shiseido curler or the Shu Eumure curler, but you can still find a simple, easy to use Maybelline eyelash curler for about $5.

Heated Eyelash Curlers:
These are the newest in the eyelash curler arsenal, a heated crimping tool that works just like your curling iron works! Gentle heat provides a lasting curl with a plug-in or battery operated unit. These also come in several styles and price ranges – Sephora offers a heated eyelash curler for about $16, and the popular Hot Lash runs around $35.

How to Use an Eyelash Curler

Learning how to use an eyelash curler is a basic beauty skill. Do you really need a step-by-step guide for how to use an eyelash curler? Probably not, but there are a few tricks to crimping eyelashes without, uh…mistakes! Here we go:

Learning how to use an eyelash curler is easy!
  1. Before starting your eyelash curling, it’s a good idea to clean the crimper, bars and rubber with a damp cotton pad.
  2. Insert you index finger and thumb into the holes and open the ‘jaws’ of the curler.
  3. Looking in the mirror, tilt your head up slightly and look downward. Take the opened eyelash curler and put it over your eyelashes, being careful not to get so close to the base of the eyelashes you will pull them.
  4. Gently press the curler closed, holding it firmly in place for several seconds, then squeeze it gently a couple of times before opening.
  5. Open the crimper and remove from the eyelashes.

Should you put mascara on before or after curling your lashes? The jury seems out on that one, it may depend upon the types of eyelash curlers you use. If you do choose to do it afterwards, please be sure to wipe the crimper each time before you use it.

Beauty Tool Gifts: Eyelash Curlers

Beauty tool gifts – eyelash curlers included – are the perfect gift. Think about it – what woman doesn’t use them? Or want to use them? Same with makeup brushes, vanity organizers, things like hair clips, makeup applicators, etc. Everone wins with this one!

The great thing about giving eyelash curlers as gifts:

  • Price Points: Affordable or extraordinary… anywhere from less than $5 to $60 or more.
  • Style options: There are all kinds of eyelash curlers – they come in standard colors, fun colors, heated, funky, plastic, metal, you name it. Gear the gift to the getter!
  • Unique: Who else gives these? Put yourself at the top of the cool gift-giver list! They may not remember who gave them the iPod cover, but they’ll remember the eyelash curler gift for sure!
  • Compact: Easy to wrap, carry, or ship. This is awesome.
  • Trendy: You have to admit, if you give the latest in eyelash curler technology, it pretty much says you’re on top of the beauty and style pile!
  • Personal – but not too: This is the best part! An eyelash curler is personal, but not too; thoughtful without being sappy; practical without being gutless.
  • No Instructions Necessary: Everyone knows how to use one! (If not, see below!)

The right beauty tool gifts can take the stress out of your seasonal shopping, or at least half of it!

You can give a moderately priced eyelash curler as a gift to someone, and it comes across as a unique, thoughtful and trendy item. Eyelash curlers make great gifts – really perfect for the office, Secret Santa, your teens birthday, friends birthday, you name it. How great is this for your mother-in-law?

Award Winning Eyelash Curler

Is it important to know which of the devices you see in the store are actually award winning eyelash curlers? Perhaps you are thinking about purchasing your first eyelash curler ever; or perhaps you are wondering how far they have come from the ones made in the 1980’s that still have a place in your makeup bag. If you aren’t sure where to start, sometimes finding out what other women’s favorites are can lead you to a quality product that makes you say “Wow! Where have you been all my life?”

Eyelash curlers, like everything else, include some that are a cut above the rest. Which eyelash curler is the best, anyway? Below you will find the latest eyelash curler winners by several popular fashion magazines that have either been voted on by readers or tested by professionals:

Why Curl Your Eyelashes?

Thought by many in the not-so-distant past to be an irrelevant member of the cosmetic department, the eyelash curler has become increasingly important to the makeup bag as a necessary tool.

Why curl your eyelashes, you ask? If you had to ask, it must be that:

A: you already have perfect lashes or…
B: you’ve never really tried using them and you don’t know the difference….yet.

By using a curler to curl the lashes up, the lashes appear longer, making the eyes look wider. How does it do this? The curler actually presses your hair between the metal top and a silicone (usually) strip on the bottom. This pressure causes the hair to bend and remain at an angle, and instead of shooting out forward, your lashes stand up. Eyes appearing wide and awake can make you look younger and well-rested. Who couldn’t benefit from that?

You can use your eyelash curler with or without mascara. Without mascara, your lashes will still look longer and with mascara, they will look gorgeous! If you are a fan of faux lashes, you will probably find a couple of clamps of the curler and a couple swipes of mascara will doll those lashes up to where you won’t need anything fake.

Eyelash curlers can also help fix that irritating habit your lashes have of sticking together and looking parted. This works best if you curl before applying mascara. Try using an eyelash curler every day for a week and then stop for day. You won’t believe the difference!

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