Gifts for Grandchildren: Some Great Ideas!

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Trying to find great gifts for your grandchildren? For loving baby boomer women who work hard to maintain long distance relationships with their grandkids, or for busy working grannies, finding the right gifts that are classic, age appropriate, and affordable can sometimes be a challenge! Combat empty nest and find some great gifts for your grandkids for birthdays, Christmas, or to send along for no reason at all!.

Long distance grandparents in particular can sometimes use a little help with suggestions for the grand-tots…check out these suggestions and grandchild gift ideas for gifts both timeless and traditional, unique and fun!

“Shore Surfer”: This great new surfing board is brand new on the market created by a 12-year old Andy Destin of Florida. This surfing board is safe, affordable, and a portion of every sale is given to charity. Why is this a great grandparent gift? Kids can play on the shore, in the sand where you can see them, and they can play uninterrupted for hours! Check out the site and see the videos! Check out Shore Surfer here…

“Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots”: Who will be the champion – Red Rocker or Blue Bomber? Even after 40 years, this toy from Mattel is still going strong! Rated for ages 6+, two players use the controllers to keep on sockin’ each other until one head gets knocked loose and pops up! Lots of fun, plenty of giggles, and a great game for young siblings! Price: about $22, available at most toy stores.

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