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Aging Feet & Foot Pain

Ok, let’s face it. We all have aging feet. Fifty year old feet can be a challenge. Our trusty peds have seen us through an entire lifetime of work and play. Our aging feet are the unsung heroes in everything we do…supporting and transporting us through a lifetime of experience. For some of us that may include chasing our kids from toddlers to teens…managing careers…we may run marathons or walk miles of hospital corridors in our work, wait tables or bear responsibility as the Chairman of the Board. Whatever it is we do, our feet deserve to be treated with respect – especially now as approach the onset of menopause.

Anti-Aging Foot Care Tips

Just like the rest of our bodies, our feet change as we age. They actually become wider and longer, tendons and ligaments lose flexibility and the padding on the bottom of your feet actually thins out over time. And of course, skin care during menopause becomes important even for our feet! If you’re going through menopause, now is the time to give them some TLC with some helpful foot care tips.

  • Cleanse: Give them a soak in warm water with Epsom salts or a nice foot soak. (Try Dr. Teal’s Lavendar Epsom Salts!)
  • Exfoliate: Nothing ages the look of our feet more than dry skin and calluses. Remove dry skin with an exfoliating scrubbing cream, a board or other product made exclusively for the feet, heels. Kerasal is a no-nonsense foot repair product that gives fast results.
  • Moisturize: You moisturize your feet on a regular basis, so do the same for those hard-working feet. There are some great moisturizers on the market, available everywhere from your local grocery store or pharmacy, to department store specialties. (Peppermint lotion is a “foot facial” favorite, or try Glytone for softening and smoothing!)

Not only is it a lovely feeling to pamper our feet a bit, it’s also healthy. Avoiding calluses, painful cracked heels and ingrown toenails leaves us free to do all the things we’ve always loved to do, pain free. Yup, gotta love your feet!

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