Fashion Tips for Women Over 50

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Fashion tips for women over fiftyIt is true that as we age, our bodies change, and fashion for women over 50 changes as well. You can weigh the same as you did when you were 25, but the parts just don’t fit together in quite the same way! Many fashion tips for women over 50 aren’t always spot on, but it’s certainly true that clothes for mature women and fashion after fifty doesn’t need to be frumpy, baggy or boring. At our age, we don’t have to put up with stuff like the purse from hell.

Keeping Your Baby Boomer Style Edge!

There’s more to being a fashionable fifty-something than just the clothes you wear. Here are a few fashion tips for women over 50 to help you maintain your status as a fashionable 50-something after that milestone birthday:

  • If you haven’t worn it since your last child’s high school graduation, get rid of it!
  • Classic is always in, so learn from the experts! Study the fashionable fifty-somethings whose look you admire, including those who know how to have fun after fifty!
  • Don’t be swayed by faddish trends or colors: Fads come and go with the season, but don’t fall prey to short-term trends. If you love the colors and you can pull it off, bring them into your wardrobe as accents or accessories.
  • Do your clothes fit? Mature women might wan to avoid too-tight shirts and slacks, and know where the fine line lies between inappropriate and acceptable when it comes to the length of skirts and shorts. On the other hand, don’t make the mistake of hiding your lovely mature body in baggy, shapeless cothes. That will age you instantly.
  • Things to avoid: Mini-prints that wrinkle and shrink, too many ruffles, horizontal stripes and suitcase-size purses! Opt instead for comfortable, quality natural fabrics.

Yes, you can be a fashionable fifty-something! It’s easy to get off track as life changes…kids leave home, you may be struggling with the emotional and physical challenges that menopause brings (including not feeling as attractive as you used to…relax – it’s only temporary!), and lots of personal and physical changes take place. When it comes to baby boomer women, “clothes for mature women” takes on a whole new meaning!

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