Critical Skin Care For Aging Skinskin care during menopause
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All of us are different, and that remains true when it comes to skin care during menopause. As we approach perimenopause and menopause and our hormones change, we must begin to care for our aging skin as it begins to lose the suppleness and the elasticity that it used to have. Fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and dryness put good skin care for aging skin at the forefront of our daily beauty regimen. The good thing about aging skin is that it tends to be less prone to menopausal acne, and you may be pleasantly surprised to find that you are sporting soft, clear skin for perhaps the first time in your life! (Got to recognize the silver linings, ladies!)

These are things every woman should be doing long before turning fifty, but if not, now is definitely the time to examine your over-50 skin care routine:

Cleanse: This is critical to good skin care! Even as we work through perimenopause and the many stages of menopause, we may find that we are prone to breakouts during certain times. At this time of life, treating yourself to a good skin care regimen is definitely in order. Cleanse your skin daily with a non-drying facial soap. I like the cleanser a lot…gentle, affordable, and works great on my acne-prone menopausal skin!

Exfoliate: This is an important step, one that leaves our skin smooth and more ready to accept whatever type of foundation you use, whether liquid or powder. For many women, an exfoliant made for sensitive skin is more than adequate and minimizes your risk of irritation.

Moisturize: If you haven’t been doing this since your 20’s, it’s never too late to begin this critical step in good skin care! During menopause, dryness and sensitivity can start to take a toll on your skin. Choose a product for around your sensitive eye area that will minimize fine lines and wrinkles and keep your eyes beautiful after fifty! Follow with an all-over moisturizer for your face both morning and night. Every time.

Protect: Sunscreen! If you aren’t already aware of how important this is for over 50 skin care, you should be. The damaging effects of the sun on aging and menopausal skin (at any age, for that matter!) is scary. Sunscreen is key in maintaining good skin care for aging skin. Quality antioxidants/></p> <p>provide additional protection.</p> <p>Good skin care during menopause will leave your complexion soft, smooth, and ready for a <a href= makeup application. Because your skin reflects your lifestyle as well, eating right and exercising are all part of earning and maintaining that healthy glow only a fashionable fifty-something has! Beautiful!


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