Meet The Creator of the Forty Beads Method: Carolyn Evans!

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What is Forty Beads? Author Carolyn Evans shares her story!

Carolyn Evans has started a sexual revolution of her own – with Forty Beads! What is Forty Beads? This phenomenon has provided a boost for lagging relationships, and jump-started romance for baby boomer women and their partners! With a sense of purpose and fun, Carolyn Evans has offered up something that we can all use! Her new book is premiering this week…it would make a great surprise gift for that special person!

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Q. You say that sex is an issue at every stage of life – what particular issues have you seen with the 50+ group – both women and men?

A. Fifty really is the new forty—and sixty is the new fifty. The age range in which people are living healthy, vibrant, creative lives has shifted up about twenty years and maintaining a healthy sex life is an important part of living a whole, full life. But as we get older, issues do arise. For women, there’s menopause, which, for some, can greatly diminish their sex drive. Women come to The Forty Beads Method because they realize that shutting down their sexuality after menopause really isn’t an option, if they want to stay in a loving, connected marriage.

At 50 +, either partner could get slapped with a major illness and even when the infirmed is all patched up, it can be difficult to re-establish a healthy sex life. The Forty Beads Method is great for hitting the reset button in a couple’s sexual relationship. It makes it easy and fun to form a new healthy sex habit or reignite a sex life that got temporarily left behind.

So far, the Forty Beads workshops have been for women only. Even though the men aren’t there, I’ve certainly learned a lot about the issues that they face. There are all sorts of medications 50+ men might have to take which can totally mess with their libidos—they hate that, but the anticipation that The Forty Beads Method creates is great for reconnecting a man to his virility. Also, of course, lots of men have to deal with erectile dysfunction and who wants to waste a Viagra? Last I checked, one pill cost about $20. When a couple uses The Forty Beads Method, a husband can pop the little blue pill with confidence.

Q. Are there any unique components of this method that will particularly appeal to women over the age of 50 who are dealing with menopause?

A. Well, all women seem to love the Forty Beads’ 24-hour redemption window—a Bead drops and the couple has 24 hours to hit the sheets. A lot of women—especially those going through menopause—need a little time to wrap their head around jumping into the sack so The Forty Beads Method provides for that.

40 BeadsI often hear women say, “Once I’m actually having sex, I’m happy—it’s just getting me there that’s the hard part.” The Forty Beads Method totally takes care of that issue. That time before coming together is a lot of the fun—there’s all this playful talk and joking around about sex when the Bead is in the Beadcatcher. Bottom line: The Forty Beads Method stirs desire in a fun way that’s non-threatening for all involved.

Q. You have done a great job of keeping the ‘mystery’ in the method even while promoting it vigorously! Is that sense of mystery part of what makes Forty Beads work?

A. I think it’s more magic than mystery, really. The Method is kind of magical in that it creates this automatic positive shift in a relationship once the Beads are put into play. I’ve been secretive about exactly what The Forty Beads Method is because I’m overly protective of my Beaders! I don’t want women thinking they understand the Method and trying it when they’ve only heard bits and pieces. It’s so important to me for everyone to have the best possible experience with the Beads and that means knowing every single detail and subtlety involved in the Method. That’s the only way to ensure success. It won’t be a secret for much longer—and I can’t wait!

Q. Have you received any feedback from any baby boomer women on how Forty Beads has worked for them?

Definitely! It’s interesting. We’re all dealing with different issues around our sex lives at different ages, but the feedback from couples off all ages is that The Forty Beads Method is just a lot of fun!

Q. Can you tell us a bit about how you stumbled across this “plan of action” – was it an accidental personal discovery that you just had to share?

It was a total accidental discovery! The Forty Beads Method evolved from a gift I gave my husband for his 40th birthday. We hadn’t been getting along very well and two nights before his big day, I decided to give my husband a whole lot of what he loves best in this world: sex. I gave him forty straight days of sex, only when I woke the next morning and realized what I’d done, I became painfully aware of the fact that I don’t have the emotional stamina or bodily constitution survive that much sex. I saw myself laid up in a hospital bed accepting antibiotics intravenously.

Time was short and I had to work out a way to make my gift do-able, so I tweaked my original offer and gave my husband forty Beads—each one good for a roll in the hay. I invited him to drop a Bead into my Beadcatcher, the bowl by my bed, to signal his interest in sex—with the understanding that I would be a sure thing within 24 hours. That’s how The Forty Beads Method began—of course it’s evolved from there. I had to share it because I’m not an easy sell, so when I find something that works for me, I figure it will work for lots of other folks, too. Turns out I was right!

Q. What have you gained from this experience personally and professionally? Now you have a website and a new book coming out – what’s next for you?

First of all, I’ve gained a marriage that I love. Now that sex is no longer this heavy, negative thing hanging out in our relationship, my husband and I are happier than we’ve ever been—truly.

Secondly, I absolutely love interacting with my Beaders. We women are interesting as hell and for some reason, this Method draws the most insightful, tenacious, creative women to it. I get to let them in on something that changed my life in hopes that it might change their lives, too. There’s nothing more fun for me than impacting a life.

Probably my favorite thing about teaching The Forty Beads Method is hearing the amazing stories about how it saves marriages. And the book’s not even out yet, so that’s what I’m most excited about—for the chance to impact more lives in a positive way with The Forty Beads Method!

In the coming months, I’ll be travelling around giving Forty Beads workshops. I love writing, but working with people in person is so much fun for me. Stay tuned!

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