Rickie Freeman on the Summer Fashion Season for Baby Boomer Women & Finding Your Style!

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For women over 50, designs from Teri Jon are perfect!

Renowned designer and CEO Rickie Freeman of Teri Jon is fulfilling a need. Baby boomer women are looking for fashions that fits beautifully, style that is age appropriate but sexy, clothing with timeless elegance but a trendy look that’s gorgeous. Over50 fashions that meet all these criteria can be hard to find, but Teri Jon is filling the gap! The stunning designs she creates are worn by savvy fashion-conscious women everywhere, from celebrities to the chic mother-of-the-bride next door.

We recently touched base with Rickie to see what she views as the winners in the upcoming summer fashion season for baby boomer women (and all women, for that matter!), and to get her thoughts on the baby boomer fashions currently available.

Q. Your style is classic, elegant, and trendy all at the same time! What – or who – has inspired you as a designer?

A. I am inspired by my surroundings. Living in New York City there is such an influx of tourists from all around the world and just walking in Manhattan you see so many different ideas that influence and inspire me. My co-workers ranges in ages from 22 to 70 and of course my three daughters ages 22 to 34 keep me on my toes and are always pushing beyond my comfort zone.

There is also such a great amount of information and exposure to the wide world via the Internet that you are at any given moment scanning thru multi media events, cultural exhibits and current events on the new that showcase people that I find intriguing. As a designer, your inspiration evolves and your modify your collection according to that gut feeling of what you want to project coupled with the customers needs or indulgences of that specific season.

Q. What upcoming trends do you most favor this season for mature, fashion-savvy women?

A. I love this season’s trend of mixing fabric and colors, it can be very flattering to strategically create bold stokes of color blocking or creating mixtures of textures in one garments, especially where there are so many technological advanced fabrics that have stretch and hold like spandex in them so by mixing them with traditional beautiful fabric you get the look of luxury but also some comfort when mixing them with stretch fabrication.

Going forward for Fall 2012- I have added a lot of leather trims. I love how leather make garments look classic but a bit “racy” at the same time.
How do you feel about the day-to-day career and casual fashions for baby boomer women that are currently available?

A. I think there are so many options that one can mix and match from different price points that do not need to compromise one’s look or pocketbook in order to accomplish that goal. I myself went into a store yesterday to pick up some bright cashmere summer sweaters that go so well with some of my strapless and sleeveless dresses for summer, (I am always cold indoors in the summer). Depending on your body type, you can do the same with different career and casual styles- there is so much assortment.

You have dressed some glittering baby boomer celebrities like Meryl Streep with stunning results! Can you share some of those style guidelines with the rest of us?

A. The key to dressing all women is to try to dress her with styles and cuts that call attention to her most beautiful parts of her body and face.

My goal in dressing celebrities, and all women in general is to highlight that unique feature. For some, it is the legs for other could be beautiful skin and décolleté, others it can be a cinched waist. One should try to analyze the body type and give them the outfit that will make them feel as feminine or as girly if that what they wish to project.

Your Teri Jon Spring 2012 collection has so many unique designs…what is your very favorite?

A. My favorite dress this season is a combination of laces looks which are very trendy this season. We created style number 29067 which is a pintuck seamed lace dress with a classic feminine silhouettes that glides as someone walks. The sheerness of the sleeves covers the arms showing just the right amount of skin.

You are a successful fashion designer, entrepreneur and businesswoman – what plans do you have, if any, to change or expand your business?

A. We are always looking to grow our business by introducing more products for our customers, expanding into international markets and perhaps helping our lady find that perfect look head to toe- shoes, jewelry and all! We are also trying to offer more opening price points as people are more price conscious. Obviously we hope to do so without compromising the integrity of our product and quality

If you can give baby boomer women one piece of fashion-buying advice for buying fashions, what would it be?

A. Buy what looks good on you. It should feel comfortable, and not be something you are tugging on all night. Experiment with colors! The color against your skin tone will give you that little extra vibrancy that defines spring.

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