The art of aging gracefully
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Life After Fifty: Aging Gracefully is a State of Mind

How important is health and fitness for an active life after fifty? For women, aging gracefully and taking care of body, mind and spirit becomes more and more important during this time. It starts out innocently enough…just a twinge in the knee, a little pang in the elbow. Maybe you’re starting to dread schlepping up and down the stairs with the laundry! It’s true – exercise during menopause and strength training are important to keep a healthy weight, maintain bone density, and a healthy diet for women 50 and beyond is extremely important to ensure a healthy balance both physically and emotionally.

There may be physical challenges to life after 50, so…

  • join a fitness center
  • start walking or biking
  • do something fun
  • take a good look at your diet
  • …all of these are vital components of maintaining a healthy, active life after fifty for women and looking great!

The idea that 50 is the new 40 is just that…a concept, a feeling, a sense of how our contemporary lifestyles are contributing to a new sense of aging gracefully and a healthier, more dynamic midlife experience. Life after fifty has never been so promising!

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