A Healthy Diet for Women 50 And Beyond: Essential!

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A healthy diet during menopause is critical for baby boomer women. Diet needs change before, during and after menopause. This is a time of significant physical appleschanges, and the demands and changes required of our bodies can be great. Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet for women 50 and beyond is necessary to stay healthy, strong and sexy! Both eating right during menopause and regular exercise are extremely important. The right diet for women over fifty can be the cornerstone of an active and vital lifestyle. Look for great food and recipes for baby boomers that are an essential part of maintaining an activity and energy in midlife.

By eating a variety of healthy foods, you will go a long way toward fulfilling your dietary needs for overall health at this time in life. Calcium and iron can be added to your diet by eating plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, grains and legumes. Fresh produce – and lots of leafy greens – should be at the top of every grocery list for women fifty and beyond! Chicken is better for you than red meat, and soy is a great supplement for your protein. Keep your diet low in fat, saturated fats, and cholesterol. (Start reading those labels!) If you eat fish now, you might want to add another serving; if you don’t – start! Eating smaller meals and watching your fiber intake can help to prevent symptoms of conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), common in menopausal women.

Two of the hardest lifelong habits to break are sugar and salt. Try using herbs and spices in lieu of salt when you’re cooking – you may be surprised at how great your food tastes without it! Another one is coffee…if you drink several cups a day now is the time to consider scaling back. There are so many lovely types of healthy herbal teas available, you may forget you ever liked coffee!

There is a great deal of helpful information and guidelines from the experts concerning the intake requirements for calcium and iron in a diet for women 50 and beyond. For instance, during and after menopause your need for calcium will increase from about 1000 mg per day up to 1500 mg. per day. One of the most prevalent diseases women face is the onset of Osteoporosis , or loss of bone density and strength brought on by a lack of calcium. In addition to a healthy and balanced diet, supplements can ensure that you receive all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that your changing body requires.

Even if you’re just turning fifty and have always been an active and healthy woman, eating right and a health diet during menopause can prevent a myriad of ailments, and keep you feeling fit and energetic. After all, that’s how we got to this wonderful place where “Fifty is the New Forty!”

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