Exercise For Women 50 & Beyond

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Yes, exercise for older women can be fun. If organized fitness programs just aren’t for you, don’t worry about it! During and after menopause, women may find that it’s more difficult to lose extra pounds. Even if you were always able to eat whatever you liked and, even without exercise, were able to maintain your slim and trim figure,that too will probably change after menopause. Give some thought to great home workouts like Core Fusion, relaxing and healthful pilates workouts during menopause help you focus on a healthy lifestyle and outlook and help you be a dynamic and fashionable fifty-something!

The fact is, you need to be diligent about burning more calories than you’re taking in, and that means you need to get moving! There are countless ways to get exercise and burn calories, enjoy a relaxing workout and have fun at the same time! Maintaining good health and fitness during menopause is key. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Yardwork & Gardening
  • Housecleaning
  • Dog Walking
  • Swimming
  • Take up something fun…karate, dancing, hiking, using a trampoline!

For many of us this sounds more appealing than spending time at the gym, so do it! Get out there and have fun, maybe even start at home by painting your livingroom or hanging wallpaper in your bedroom. If you’re moving, it’s all good! Even though this is an incredibly busy time of life, exercise for women fifty and beyond such as can include fun and recreational activities.

Still not sure how beneficial these activities are? Check and see how many calories you burn with this handy calorie counter…it even gives numbers for housecleaning, cooking, vacuuming, and gardening! Whether you choose biking, hiking, pilates or strength training, exercise for older women provides continuing flexibility and strength.

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