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The benefits of regular exercise during menopause for women turning 50 and beyond are huge. If you haven’t paid much attention to fitness up until now, or just felt you didn’t need to be concerned about it, now’s the time to get busy – it’s never too late to get fit… baby boomer women are making it happen!

For menopausal women, aging means changes. It happens to all of us. Even if you’ve always been fairly fit, your 40’s are a busy time…kids are growing up, there’s sports and activities, your career, your spouse’s career, mortgages, money considerations and family vacations. The dog needs walking, civic organizations require your presence, and somehow the lawn stays mowed and the laundry gets done. Who has time for exercise?

By the time you hit your fifties that part of your life may be slowing down. You’re still busy, but now it’s a bit more about you! Part of aging gracefully includes taking care of yourself from the inside out, and it’s never too late to concentrate on getting fit – so get started…exercise can be fun!

Diet and Exercise During Menopause & After

Health and fitness during menopause begins with the right diet, and exercise is vital for women fifty and beyond. By now you’re very well aware that your hormones have invited perimenopause and menopause and changed everything! The good news is that “change of life” doesn’t have to mean a change in health, weight, or outlook. Ask your doctor for guidance as to what level of exercise you should begin with.

It’s extremely important for menopausal women to add strength training and resistance exercises to their fitness routines…it helps maintain bone density and avoid osteoporosis. Life after fifty for women should include regular aerobic exercise to combat the effects of a slowing metabolism on weight gain and improve heart health. Even walking a half hour just a few times a week is extremely beneficial. One of the most valuable benefits of exercise during menopause is that it can actually help with the emotional ups and downs that this changing time of life brings on.

Fifty is the new forty is more than just a state of mind…nutritional needs for women change during and after menopause. For women turning 50, calcium is vital to bone health: women who are pre-menopausal should consume about 1000 grams of calcium per day, and about 1200 grams per day after menopause. Lots of fruits and vegetables, foods low in fat and sodium are part of maintaining a high level of health and fitness. Exercise during menopause is your insurance for a healthy and youthful midlife!

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