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We have been in Heidenheim an der Brenz since Sunday. This little Bavarian city is nestled in a valley beneath the shadow of Schloss Helenstein, a castle originally dating back several centuries. Heidenheim is a mix of old and new; a number of thriving anchor industries are firmly rooted here. Voith (an industrial company specializing in turbines and machinery for the paper making industry since 1867) is a huge part of the economy and the community.

We have enjoyed some excellent meals here, and learned quite a bit about the local food and sweet specialties (the Germans make amazing sweets…). Last night we enjoyed one dining experience that distinguishes itself from the rest. The Pizzeria Palazzo is tucked just behind the historic Hauptstraß on Hintere Gasse.


The atmosphere is incredibly warm and inviting..the owner was so gracious and warm as well. Ambiance is everything (almost!) and this place has it in spades. They actually have a dumbwaiter that sends the food up!


Highlight for me was the Calamari at Pizzeria Palazzo….I have never had it served like this before, and it was so amazing, it has ruined me for ever having it fried again….


And the pasta was sooo delicious…


Dessert and espresso…fabulous. Not sure what this cool, creamy custard was called, but it was perfect.



The best part of any dinner, of course, is the company, and this one was no exception. A warm ‘thank you’ to our new friend and my husbands colleague for showing sharing such a wonderful dinner with us.


Full and happy, we head back to our hotel under the beautiful visage of Schloss Hellenstein. So cool!


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