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Who cares about Hillary Clinton's hair?

Do Hillary Clinton’s Hairstyles Matter? Maybe On A Bad Hair Day…

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There are so many ways that women 50 and over gauge our age, from the way we dress, to our makeup, our waistlines and yes, our over-50 hairdos.

So why should be care about Hillary Clinton’s hair? Because it reflects her personality and, more importantly, her state of mind. Unlike some helmet-hair mavens or the glossy-polished look of women like Cindy McCain (not that I don’t like her, it’s just that platinum Barbie-do thing…), Hillary’s hair style on any given day says volumes about how she’s feeling, how tired or busy she is, how stressful her job is at the moment. What it really comes down to is that Hillary’s attitude about how her hair looks at any given time is a lot like some of the women I know.

She can afford to – and has had – a hairdresser with her at all times during certain points in her career…someone to make sure she only hits the public platform when all her follicles are in order. During the 2008 campaign her hairstyle went from working women/CEO to fantastic; it was full and stylish, not too shorn and with just a hint of classic softness.

But at certain times during the campaign it was dreadful. Even now as Secretary of State, she occasionally sports the I-just-don’t-have-time look where her hair looks just brushed and hastily sprayed, and ends up flat and close to her head. Every time I see her like that, I think of what would happen with my daughter…how we would laugh about it. I bet Chelsea calls her up on the phone and they giggle together because her hair was a mess on national TV, and talk about whether it’s time for bangs, not botox, or whether or not gray is the new black!

When Hillary Clinton has a bad hair day, watch out.

I love the bad-hair day look on Hillary. The women is in her 60’s, has lived a life second to none, and still is so passionate and committed about what she does that everything takes a back seat to her job and public service. Her real-woman hair issues are one of those unabashedly human things that save her from succumbing to that haughty Nancy Pelosi-like profile.

I don’t care about the style…long or short, trendy or frumpy, headbands or hairclips doesn’t matter. What does matter to me is that when she has work to do, her personal needs get put aside along with her ego (a ‘la John Edwards. Like we didn’t know right then and there. Just sayin’.) Just like so many working women of all ages who prioritize their needs based on the needs of others every single day.

So, I guess if there’s anything to be learned from this, it’s that if you’re a naughty dictator, terrorist or international asshole and you see Hillary comin’ with that mom-next-door hair thing goin’ on, this is where the rubber meets the road. She’s committed to the job at hand, and you’re done.

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