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How To Break Up With Your Stylist

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When You Choose A New Stylist: Tips For Breaking Up With Your Stylist

If you’re ready to choose a new stylist, what about the ‘old’ one? Knowing how to break up with your stylist can be hard to do – even painful if you’ve known them a while.

If your stylist is performing poorly – if you cut is more seventies than sublime, your color more Lucille Ball than Kylie Jenner, it’s time to – pardon the expression – cut the bleeding. But perhaps your hair appointment has become like Groundhog Day…your stylist has gotten into a rut with you and sees only limited possibilities for your hair or your look. Perhaps she’s not the best choice for thin, or a proponent for going gray. Maybe she has strong ideas about having long hair after 50, or disagrees with your views on bangs vs. botox! Perhaps she’s sick of her job and has simply lost the passion for what she’s doing. Maybe you’re just ready for a change. Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to choose a new stylist, breaking up with your old one is on the agenda.

Let’s face it – you have built a relationship with this person, which can make your decision difficult. There are lots of ways to do it, some on the up-and-up, some not so nice. If you take the aggressive approach to breaking up with your stylist, you shut the door forever on going back. Think carefully about it – if it’s even slightly possible you may find the grass is not greener on the other side of the fence, then hedge your bets and lean toward the kinder, gentler, more passive approach.

Let them down easy…
This tops the list of most appropriate behaviors for breaking up with your hairdresser. Letting them down easy means making the change in such a way that they don’t think you’re mad at them, nor do they think you will be sounding off to your friends how bad they are. Gentle, firm, and private tops the list for this one. This approach can take many forms:

  • “I’m just feeling like I need to update my look”
  • “Just feel like trying something new”
  • My schedule/needs/financial situation is changing right now

If you are angry…
If you are in the market to choose a new stylist because you are upset about something they have done, let them know. A simple “I’m unhappy with what you have done.” is pretty direct and will not typically invite much discussion. You’re easily off the hook with this one, but it’s usually a forever break.

Just don’t call or show up…
Not the way to go. Breaking up with your stylist doesn’t give you license to be a witch. This is a pretty selfish approach, so put your big girl panties on and move back up to the first choice.

Whichever approach you choose, please thank him/her for their time and service. Breaking up with your hairdresser isn’t a big deal if you do it with the Golden Rule in mind! Making a decision to choose a new stylist or hairdresser means you’re on to something new! Enjoy!

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