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Jifiti gifting app is a new app that lets you send a voucher for an actual gift to someone. Not as personal as an in-person gift, but less impersonal than a gift card or gift certificate, Jifiti lets you choose a specific item and send the recipient a voucher. How Jifiti App Reviewnice is it to send someone a gift you KNOW they will love, with a note that says “Just saw this and thought of you…” all without having to purchase, wrap, mail. Scan gifts online from a popular list of items being gifted right now, or go to your a store and scan the barcode for an item.

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Download is free…

The app gives you a list of stores that most people frequent, like Barnes & Noble, Banana Republic, Gap, Home Depot – a whole list of them – with some top gift ideas. So…once that kid is in college and you’re having a missing them moment (which get fewer and farther between, I promise!), you can go to the app, find a great t-shirt or shoes, send them a voucher, and they get to go to the Mall with their friends and have a shopping trip on Mom. How awesome is that? Your gift recipient can even redeem the voucher online for some stores. Purchasing is easy and the checkout intuitive.

Cool alert: You can even choose to chip in with someone…if you pick that option, they email you a link to share with others like the – hellooo – grandparents! You can even use this app to give to the charity of your choice…I guess “social gifting” is a new term!

Give the Jifiti gifting app a go and let me know what you think.

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