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Classic, Elegant, Chic Fashions for Women Over 50: Enter Kay Unger!

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After having been rescued from the throes of a shopping panic for wedding wear recently I was, in a word, sold. On Kay Unger. Where had I been all this time? Natalie Morales, Kathy Lee and Hoda in Kay Unger

Here at, we hear a lot about how frustrating it is to find great clothes for 50+ women! When it comes to quality, classic clothing, fifty-something women with real figures can rely on this fashion designer! (Just look how gorgeous the Today Show ladies look!) Ms. Unger shared some great suggestions on what makes our clothing work for us, and tips on clothing that is flattering for the mature figure. And awesome fashions with sleeves. I love this women!

Q. The question I hear most often is, “Where are all the clothes for 50+ women?” – particularly career clothes. Why does there appear to be such a black hole in the fashion industry once a woman reaches 50?

A. Many women think that just because they turn 50, they need to start wearing more mature clothing which is not always the case. Women should wear clothing that makes them feel good about themselves so they should be open to trying new types of garments. Many women might think they will not look good in a dress; however, the way a dress can fit can be extremely flattering. For example, most of my dresses have great rouching around the middle so our folds hide your folds! I also know many women want to cover certain parts of their body – like their arms and I am happy to say that my Fall 2011 collection features many different sleeves!

Q. Do you think women have become more comfortable experimenting with contemporary fashions and styles during their midlife years than they used to be?

A. Absolutely. I have another line called Phoebe Couture which originally started because moms buying Kay Unger wanted to buy sophisticated yet young dresses for their daughters. The line is a bit more contemporary and has really fun prints and happy colors. Turns out, whenever I do a personal appearance at a store, most of the 50+ women want to buy Kay Unger!

Q. What 50+ women do you credit with having an extraordinary fashion sense?

A. Oprah, Dr. Jill Biden, Kathie Lee Gifford. Hoda Kotb, Natalie Morales (love the Today Show ladies!!)

Q. What suggestions can you make to women who are struggling to find great clothes as they approach and enter midlife? What do you think becomes more flattering – or less?

A. My biggest suggestion would be to not be afraid to step outside the box. Take the time to really try on the clothing when you go shopping – just because you bring it into the fitting room doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Many times when you see clothing on the floor you automatically assume it won’t look good on you. Since our bodies are changing you might be pleasantly surprised! Another great tip would be to make sure you wear the proper undergarments and shoes with you when trying on clothing – this will help to give you an overall picture of what the garments really look like on you.

Q. It must be incredibly rewarding to see so many prominent women wearing your clothing! If you could have one woman wear your designs, who would it be?

A. Thank you!! I really try not to focus on just one woman rather; I aim to design a line that can fit many different women of all shapes and sizes. I want for a woman to have an event and be able to find that special dress that makes her feel and look wonderful.

Q. You have seen such a high level of success…are you planning any new projects in the future?

A. I always have something in the works…you will just have to wait and see!

Oh we will, Kay, we will! Fashion for fifty-somethings is a topic we’re constantly exploring!

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