Gettin’ Out There: Dating In Midlife

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Dating for women over 50 is no longer one of those raised-eyebrow topics! Whether you’re newly over-50-datingdivorced, widowed, or a long-time single, you’ve probably come across countless sources promoting dating tips for women over 50. You may be sticking your toes in the water for the first time in a long time, or thinking about participating in an over-50 dating network online. The good news is that there are more over-50 singles than ever before!

It’s true, it can be an interesting place in which to find yourself. If you haven’t dated in many years, the very prospect of getting out there, meeting members of hte opoposite sex, developing relationships and well – sex – is may be intimidating.

Whether you’ve been single for some time, or emerging from a long-time relationship, there are some things that make this period of dating in your life different than at any other. (All good stuff, not to worry!) A few things for your consideration:

Your time, your terms… Many of us, whether after a divorce, or the death of a spouse, come to treasure our single space. A sense of independence, personal freedom, not having to answer to anyone, being able to come and go and be yourself in your own space can be a marvelous place to be, and not something you are ready to relinquish.

Relax and enjoy it. You may be relieved to realize you have shifted focus from the hot and heavy, emotional-laden relationships you experienced in your twenties or thirties, to something more based on companionship, shared interests, and a physical intimacy you never dreamed possible.

Gotta bring it, ladies! Recognize that the competition is steep out there! Its a fact that with an aging population taking better care of themselves and living longer, there are more attractive and healthy over-50 singles out there than ever before! Great for you because the field of opportunity is expanded, but the bar is higher in this group of singles than ever before. So…get yourself on the fast track with fashions for women over 50 and a new look.

This can be a new and breathtaking time in your life – you may be in charge of your romantic or companion relationships for the very first time ever. If you’ve come this far in your experience and this is a new opportunity presenting itself, embrace the challenge and enjoy it. (There’s a reason why 50-something women are considered more desirable than ever before!) !

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