See Joan Lunden Home 2011 Spring CollectionJoan Lunden Home – This Entrepreneur Paves The Way For 50+ Women To Reinvent Themselves!

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Former ABC News anchor, mother of seven, QVC star of Joan Lunden Home and successful businesswoman, Joan Lunden spent some time sharing her thoughts and views with Pam Sissons of Winsome To Wisdom this week on how today’s fifty-plus women are reinventing themselves like never before!

See Joan Lunden Home 2011 Spring CollectionIt becomes immediately apparent that Joan Lunden is a woman of action. Last year she launched a brand new business, developing and marketing an inspired line of elegant and affordable home décor called Joan Lunden Home. A brand new learning curve – one that brings a fresh outlook, new experiences and a heightened awareness for this highly successful entrepreneur.

Joan practices what she believes – that as you reach the time in life when most people are slowing down and planning on retirement – regroup, reinvent and keep on chuggin’! And, boy…does she! For Joan Lunden, staying active involves everything from developing and launching a new Spring Home Collection on QVC, to running a dynamic women’s retreat called “Camp Reveille”, to handling speaking engagements, marketing her own skin care line, and…oh yeah…a family!

Mid-Life a ‘la Lunden: The Best Defense Is A Good Offense!

We all know that today’s 50+ woman is not the woman of even a generation ago. Much has changed in how we approach our responsibilities to family, career and ourselves. Joan feels that 50+ women are becoming better able to reconcile their self image, moving from seeing themselves as being primarily caregivers to family and children to fostering their own critical health and wellness needs in a proactive way. “Be investing in yourself…think about what kind of life you want to have in 10, 20, or 30 years”, says Joan. “Invest in your own fitness.” As an advocate for women’s health and wellness, Joan knows that there is more to life than the first fifty – and the groundwork begins well before that milestone 50th birthday!

Joan Lunden on life ater 50!Joan Lunden brings a wealth of knowledge and life experience to the table with her from multiple arenas, from being a news anchor to creating her women’s camps and, of cours, Joan Lunden Home. Yet her conviction that women need to take charge of their health and wellness as they approach and experience midlife – physically, mentally and emotionally – is palpable. “The key to staying vibrant and relevant is figuring out how to continually reinvent yourself…” says Joan. The journey is difficult for women who are unprepared when the kids leave home. Suddenly faced with wondering where it all went and who you are now can be painful and…halloo, empty nest syndrome. Can women reinvent themselves after 50? Absolutely!

A belief that our own expectations of ourselves results in who we ultimately become is evident in the ways in which Joan Lunden continues to challenge herself and those around her. If how we view ourselves becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, then the process of reinventing ourselves as we reach 50, 60, 70 or beyond promises not only health and wellness, but a vibrant, relevant and joyous journey.

The fountain of youth? No…(although to look at Joan Lunden you might think so). But it may just be the golden key to staying healthy and vibrant and relevant in midlife and beyond. From continually working to gain more experience as an entrepreneur and marketing professional, to maintaining a travel and speaking schedule that would hobble a 30-something, to being a loving wife and mom to seven children and inspiring women of all ages to grow and be the best they can be in their own right, Joan Lunden’s message is clear.

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