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Long Hair Extensions for Women Over 50

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It’s a fact. As we age, our hair can become thinner, finer, or both. Hair extensions for older women make it possible to enjoy having longer, thicker hair. It has long been a preconceived notion that the trend of older women with long hair is just, well, not “seemly”. The fact is, it’s all in your head – literally! If you are the kind of woman who enjoys fashion, feeling beautiful, and bucking the system when it comes to what “aging” should look like, you can rock the long hair. Long hair extensions have become more mainstream for all ages, but there are a couple of ways to enjoy long hair:

Enjoy “the change” in your hair

Many women who have fine hair actually find that as they age, their hair looks and feels thicker than it ever did during their childbearing years. As we age, our hair ceases producing the pigments that give your hair its natural color. Result: gray hair. Gray hair can be more fragile, but if carefully cared for, it can actually be gorgeous. And if you want to grow it longer? The heft and coarseness can actually be beneficial. Many women who could never have long hair when they were younger can actually let it grow for the first time.

Hair extensions for older womenHair extensions for long hair

Long hair for women over fifty who are experiencing menopause can also be good option. I just read this article by Suzanne Carillo, How To Wear Hair Extensions On Fine Thin Hair Over 40. She does a good job of pointing out the pros and cons (she was using Irresistible Me Clip in Natural Hair Extensions, just one of many) although her own long hair is pretty spectacular anyway even without the extensions. A lot of post-50 women wear hair extensions, like Christie Brinkley.

Hair extensions for fullness

There are also other options for older women. Hair extensions that add fullness and thickness don’t have to be super long. Strands can be placed higher up on the hair to add depth and thickness to hair, minimizing thin spots and adding vibrancy to the hair. Check out these before and after examples of short extension for older women with fine, thin hair from Babe Hair Extensions:


Wigs. This is a whole other thing…wigs are great because they are easy, quick, you don’t have to be married to them. They can be a little uncomfortable, and unless you buy a really, really high quality wig, it can look unnatural. If you’re going to spend money on a wig, going with a high quality wig that has length and depth is the way to go.

Clip In Hair Extensions: Even women who have thick hair begin to find that as menopause progresses, their hair begins to thin. There are lots of great options out there for quality, affordable human hair clip-on extensions. Companies like Cashmere Hair and others color samples to help you find exactly the right shade.

Whether you decide to wear these consistently, or just for special occasions, they’re a lot of fun and can really boost your look.

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