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Madonna: A Safe Choice For Superbowl Halftime Show?

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Well, it’s official. With the recent news that Madonna is performing at the Super bowl half-time show, the miserable truth is out. None of us are transcending the over-50-is-one-foot-in-the-grave attitude any time soon. Not even Madonna.Madonna performing at the NFL Superbowl

Safe. That’s the adjective used to describe her selection as a performer for the NFL show. Safe. Really? Although I’m aware that Madonna’s early persona really isn’t much of a barn-burner in today’s world in terms of shock value – and we probably still have her to thank for that – I guess I was looking the other way when she stepped over into passé.

If this can happen to Madonna – the queen of edgy -the woman whose determined approach toward shining a light on sexuality, feminism and artistic imagery crossed all lines – where does that leave the rest of us? Who would have thought Madonna would be “old school” at the young old age of 53? Sure, she’s a baby boomer – but this is a woman who blazed a trail as a visionary performer; who shocked the public and retooled how we saw ourselves. I’m guessing she can still out-sing, out-dance and out-perform the majority of the more recent – a.k.a. younger – A-list group.

The Hollywood Reporter writes, “At 53-years-old, the singer is being labeled as a “safe” choice for the NBC program, which has repeatedly opted for less controversial performers since Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake’s 2004 wardrobe malfunction.” I don’t know, I never thought of Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake as particularly “controversial” other than that one unfortunate incident.

Can it be? Is Madonna performing at the Super Bowl 2012 half time show really a safe choice? Possibly.

So…maybe Madonna’s scorched earth policy toward conventional mores has mellowed a bit. On the other hand, her current persona may have more to do with where we are as a society today than any focused artistic statement. After all, it’s quite possible we’ve hit a plateau when it comes to shocking and outrageous being synonymous with wearing a meat dress. I’m just sayin’.

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