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When Is it Time to Make a Midlife Transition?

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How and when to make a midlife transition?Today I was going to some yard sales and passed some really great homes up for sale. I’ve always loved houses, and now that I’m at that empty nest time in life where midlife, aging, and lifestyle choices are all front and center, I’m going back and forth like a yo-yo. At this time in life, I’m never sure if the glass is half full, or half empty.

Our last child is a college Junior…should my husband and I hang on to our 4-bedroom, comfortable suburban home? How long? When does the time come to make that midlife transition? Should we sell it and but something smaller within walking distance of our downtown with a small yard and nice neighbors? Maybe something maintenance free so we can get right down to living the “golden years”? Or, should we make a ‘last stand’ and just go for it…buy a big house on a lake in the Adirondack Mountains where our family can come and stay and enjoy the outdoors with us like we always wanted? We still have lots of physical energy and abilities. For that matter, should we instead buy a business…something we always wanted to do but could never make it happen?

These thoughts go round and round in my head, and I eventually get to the place where I just feel gratitude. Gratitude that I’m still so excited about what’s ahead. Gratitude that we have the health and the means to even be thinking along those lines. Even my work life is positive – I feel like it could take me in a dozen directions if I so choose. Even better, my career is within an industry that never stands still and that is primarily young people. Score!

Today I also read an article by Pat Montadon in the Huffington Post. Her article was titled, “Why Aging Doesn’t Have To Mean Boring“, talks about pretty much the same thing. Staying young as we begin the process of midlife aging is all about excitement. About continuing to look ahead, taking each day as it comes, and most importantly, in my opinion, being an avid lifelong learner. If we stop learning, we begin to wither both mentally and physically. Some of the most wonderful and vibrant older women (and men!) I’v met are those that are always looking ahead, embracing new challenges and constantly seeking opportunity.

So…does my choice of real estate become some sort of statement about how I’m going to spend my 50’s, 60’s and beyond? Living the golden years for us is probably going to include work no matter what…maybe I should make a midlife transition and just buy a health club!

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