Find makeup and moisturizers for aging sensitive skin
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It’s the sad truth. Finding the right moisturizers and makeup for aging skin that is ultra sensitive is an ongoing challenge. It seems that once menopause hits, every skin cell in my body started to dry up. What the heck?!

Finding Skin Care for Fifty Somethings That Works

Great skincare products that help with sensitive aging skin seems to be on the radar for quite a lot of fifty-something gals. Even after struggling with a bout of menopausal acne, the sensitivity that had plagued me for the last several years continues.

My drawers are full of products used and discarded. My war chest includes bottles and tubes of facial moisturizers for mature skin, lotions and night time products for dry skin. Fragrance free, all natural products with lavender, carrots, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and olive oil. I could start my own company with the money I have spent to make my skin feel moisturized and soft. Some work, some don’t. Most don’t.

As we age, not only can our skin become dry and sensitive, but it can become difficult to wear much of what we used to take for granted: powder and liquid foundations, eye shadows, eyeliners and many moisturizers. Through trial and error over quite some time, I have learned that less is definitley more. Some products that do consistently work well for me:

  • Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara – no itching or raccoon eyes
  • Bare Minerals Makeup – no skin reactions whatsoever
  • Laura Mercier mineral powders
  • Amazing Cosmetics Undercover Concealer – mix this with a bit of moisturizer for easy application
  • Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizer and All About Eyes – Daily.
  • Keyano Aromatics Eye Shadow
  • Any of the SkinCeuticals products
  • Olive Oil – great for really dry skin relief periodically

If you have any great products you’ve found that work, let us know! From simple skin care to makeup tips to suggestions for beautiful eyes after 50, we’re all ears!

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