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Moles digging up your yard? Here’s one way to curb the problem!

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We have a beautiful yard (at least we think so), and never more so than when it is newly mown. Last week I finished mowing after a few days of rain. The yard looked green and lush and gorgeous with the exception of the dirt spots where we have been battling moles for a while…they are constantly digging up the yard and seem impossible to get rid of.

About an hour later I looked out the window and saw fresh dirt pile. Grrr! We have tried everything to get rid of these moles except traps, so we got a couple of mole traps and set them up as instructed on the fresh mole hole. A few hours later I looked out the window and was amazed to see yet another fresh dirt pile…right next to the unsprung trap!

Of course, I did see the humor in this and wanted to take a photo share with my kids. I went out to snap a picture and as I did, I noticed that the pile was moving… The mole was still in there digging his way out. Unbelievable. Insult to injury.

More Than One Way To Whack A Mole

I went and got my husband told him to get a shovel.

Moles digging up your yard?

We waited another minute to make sure the pile was still wiggling, dug in and flipped it over. Voilà!

Moles digging up your yard and mole traps not working?

Gotcha! There is definitely more than one way to whack a mole!

how to catch a mole iwithout a trap

So yes, you can catch a mole without poison pellets, poison slugs, or even mole traps! Just another day on this suburban homestead!

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