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This Season’s Wedding Fashions for Baby Boomer Women

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Questions about fashions for baby boomer women are what we get most at! As summer approaches and the weddings, garden parties, and galas begin, it’s always a challenge to find clothing that is elegant, fun,

Jacque Vert Mother Of the Bride

affordable and – yes, let’s put it right out there – age appropriate! We have a guest post from Laura Clarke – a fashion blogger currently working on behalf of Jacque Vert, a UK based company who specialise in women’s occasion wear and mother of the bride fashion.

As spring is upon us the wedding invites start dropping though our letter boxes. Whether this year you are the mother of the bride or groom, sister, auntie, grandma or a family friend what you want most of all from your outfit is to be fashionable (because style doesn’t end at 50) and elegant without looking over-the-top.

Perhaps the first thing to think about when deciding what to wear is to decide whether a dress, trouser suit or skirt would be the ideal option for you. Midi length skirts and dresses are very on trend at the moment and are the perfect length for a summer occasion. Trousers suits are always a classic look but try to stay away from darker colours to avoid looking like you are going to the office rather than a wedding.

When choosing your outfit colour is not something to be feared. There are plenty of options other than salmon pink or cream. Pastel colours have been seen rocking the runways of London, New York and Milan and the great news is they look chic at any age, even the queen looks stylish in lemon yellow! Lilac and cool ice blues are definite favourites and are a subtle way to wear colour without looking gaudy.

So the dress or suit is picked in a gorgeous pastel shade, but what about the accessories? Particularly as the mother of the bride, you know you will be on your feet all day at the ceremony, then the photographs and finally the reception; you need a shoe that will look smart but also feel comfortable. The kitten heel is a brilliant choice as it has a slight heel for style but won’t give you that horrible burning in the balls of your feet which higher styles will after only a few hours.

When wearing a dress a cover-up may be needed when the temperature drops a little, especially at a night time wedding or if the reception is to be held outside. A fitted jacket or bolero will add interest to your outfit and if the dress has a pattern, go for a jacket in the colour of the print rather than the background colour for full impact. For instance an ice blue dress with navy detailing will look great with a navy jacket. A small clutch bag in the same shade as the jacket will really finish the effect.

The final piece of any wedding outfit is a hat. This season the most popular choice of headwear is the fascinator as they are not as heavy as a full hat. They will not go with all styles so when choosing yours take a friend and get their honest opinion, and shopping is so much more fun with a friend anyway!

Finally and probably most importantly, remember this outfit will be worn all day and so needs to fit perfectly. Don’t squeeze into shoes that are a half size too small or make do with a zip that digs in a little as by the end of the day you will become very uncomfortable. Style, colour and comfort will always equal the perfect wedding ensemble.

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