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I’m a big believer in change – as in growth. I have a firm commitment to resisting complacency, to constantly stay fresh, thoughtful, always open to something different.

My husband and I are in our mid-fifties. Most of the people we know our age are still working…some have had to begin new careers at this unique time in life (like my husband), and some are struggling. At our age, many of the people we know are making some smart decisions that will help them maintain their financial health and independence later in life: saving money, thinking about long-term care policies, etc. Many are thinking ahead and moving forward to the next phase by downsizing their living situation…kids are gone, time to move into something smaller, more energy efficient,maybe something with one floor and maintenance Nothing constant but changefree. Very smart.

In our case, it’s a little different. We are moving from a lovely, comfortable middle-class home, to a “unique” post and beam home built from a 100-year old barn back in the 1970’s. Somewhat smaller, yes; it does have a room that would serve as a first-floor bedroom if necessary; it has a small apartment attached to help with the mortgage if need be. But it also has 11 acres, 3 small ponds, a wood stove and character up the wazoo. A post-50 lifestyle change indeed. We just moved in…we love it, it’s gorgeous and warm and we are more self-sufficient in the event of a power loss or other event.

Do our friends and family think we’re nuts? Maybe. Do we care? Nah.

Moving in has been a challenge to say the least…my husband has a broken leg and I had a minor surgery the Friday of the weekend we were supposed to move that rendered me unable to be a whole lot of help. (A portent of things to come?) But, our eldest son was available to help us, along with one of his friends. We’ll do a little this weekend, the rest next weekend when our younger son is available to help as well.

The point? For us, the challenge is the point. Nothing constant but change means being comfortable in the way we enjoy. We’re off on a new adventure!

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