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Criminal profiler Pat Brown is best known for her appearances on Nancy Grace, Larry King, the CBS Early Show and Joy

Only the Truth by Pat BrownBehar, to name a few, as well as being the author of The Profiler: My Life Hunting Serial Killers and Psychopaths. We featured Pat Brown on our site some time ago as a recognized authority in her field and a female baby boomer entrepreneur extraordinaire! In her newest novella, Only The Truth, her skills are of another sort entirely.

Only The Truth by Pat Brown is a departure from the norm in a number of ways. This is a short read…a novella, if you will. It is the tale of a man – a simple man – who becomes involved with a young woman with consequences that change his life. She appears out of nowhere and moves in with him. After two years, their seemingly happy but isolated existence is shattered when she is accused of murdering their strange neighbor and burning his house to the ground. She is incarcerated, and as her history is brought out and he begins to learn more about her, he is tireless in his need to know her, her past life, and who she really is. The characters are believable in this story. It is told from the uncluttered perspective of a man almost childlike in his trust and honesty, loyal to a woman who few others would defend under any circumstances.

This well-written novella has it all: interest, suspense, great characters, and a surprising conclusion. As the saying goes, this one would be “A bargain at twice the price”! Loved it.

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