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Is Oprah Abandoning Her Base? Having a Midlife Crisis?

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There’s no standard for change as it relates to what life is like after 50. One of the most interesting blog posts on AARP of late has got to be the one by Barbara Hannah Grufferman, Would Oprah Turn Her Back On Women Over 50? Is it possible that Oprah is just bored?

Is Oprah bored?

Hufferman makes the case that Oprah is turning her back on her faithful 50+ female fans and followers…the exact demographic that followed her and supported her for decades – right to the bank. Oprah has revealed that she is looking to appeal to a younger group of women who “…are looking to fulfill their destiny.”

Maybe Oprah hasn’t been following the news all that closely. The recession spawned a whole generation of 50-plus women who have become – by necessity – incredibly resourceful and successful. New business owners. Inventors of innovative products and services. Entrepreneurial masters of their own universe. Mothers, grandmothers, wives and caregivers working two jobs, struggling to make ends meet, determined to find a way to improve their lives, the lives of their families, make some kind of lives for themselves and – yes – fulfill their destiny. Go figure.

Oprah latched on to the demographic that supported her and grew with them, relating to their lives, exploring what made them (and her) tick, promoted education, emotional strength and fun. She made a significant midlife career change (sound familiar, ladies? Sans the collection agency calls…) and maybe it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

Is Oprah abandoning her base, or could it be…Oprah needs to be needed? Let’s face it. She’s beautiful, wealthy, celebrated. She’s also over 50. Result? Oprah is bored.

So, is Oprah bored? Who knows…she may just have a midlife crisis of her own brewing.

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