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Tips For Packing Christmas Ornaments & Decorations For Next Year!

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Having to pack up Christmas isn’t a lot of fun. Once the grandkids go home, the gifts are put away and even the dog is pooped, it’s time to put away the wrappings and trappings of the holiday. These tips for packing Christmas ornaments and decorations can make next year a little easier!

  • If you weed a few things out of your Christmas decorations each year…maybe throw out some garland that was getting spindly, or toss a favorite ornament due to breakage or wear. Maybe you gave a special ornament to one of your kids – it’s easy to forget from one year to the next what you did (go figure). Solution: make a short list and lay it on top of the box of ornaments so you see it when you open it up. No more tearing apart the boxes looking for something you don’t even have any more. You can also make short notes on anything that you think will need attention next year, i.e., short on lights, angel is looking dumpy, etc.
  • Another version of this is to get a small blank book and take an ornament inventory. You can use it to make notes about things that happened on the holiday, special times and how new family traditions started. Your kids will love this later on.
  • Christmas cards come in all varieties, colors, textures and qualities. One of the very best uses for Christmas cards is to cut the front flap off the cards, put them in a plastic bag and save them to use as gift tags next year. They are absolutely elegant, you have lots of room to write on them and they have all sorts of great colors and textures that dress up even the most simple wrapping. You can be sure no one else will have anything nearly as lovely as these. Put a hole in them with a hole punch, run a ribbon through, and they’re good to go. Voila!
  • Use clear storage bins for packing all of your ornaments away. Even though the box is labeled, being able to see what is actually in them goes a long way toward organized unpacking next year!
  • Store indoor decorations stored inside, outdoor decorations outside. That includes, lights, garlands, wreaths, extension cords and timers.
  • If you get those great candy or fruit gifts that come stacked in boxes, save the boxes for next year. They are the perfect cookie, candy or gift boxes for your own treats next year!

You don’t need to buy an expensive Christmas ornament organizer – save time, money and your sanity with a little planning ahead! Happy New Year!

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