Contrology – Not Just For Pilates Anymore!

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When it comes to exercise, aging and menopause, pilates is our friend. Pilates exercise during menopause provides gentle stretching, strength and stamina. I’m not big on keeping up a gym presence. I’m more the sweatin’ with the dvd kinda gal. When I can. So pilates via dvd is good with me…it’s smooth, has a pause button, and fits easily into my small suburban livingroom space.

I recently heard the term ‘contrology’…apparently coined by Mr. Pilates himself to denote the control of mind over muscles. It struck me as a word that I’d like to get cozy with. Contrology…hm…I could say, “Oh, gee…I’d love to stick my face in that plate of pasta, but I’m practicing contrology.” Bababa-BOOM. Or, maybe “No, I’m not at all upset about my midlife muffin-top. I practice serenity through the science of contrology.” Sa-WEET. And definitely this: “My hellish hot flashes and night sweats have been reduced by a cool 95% since I welcomed contrology into my life.” Yeah.

I’m pretty sure that I’m supposed to become more mellow and ‘comfortable with myself’ as I age and menopause rears it’s ugly head in every small area of my life. Even though I know that exercise during menopause is important, I’m a dreamer…I think it would be nice if pilates exercise during menopause was the whole answer. If contrology could hook up with menopause and produce something useful like “menocontrol“…now THAT is, in my humble opinion, an idea whose time has come.

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